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WELCOME to Red Sands Accommodation Park providing comfortable and affordable accommodation in Newman Western Australia.

Ideally located in the Newman township providing a gateway to the Pilbara.

Mission statement - "to bring flexible accommodation at affordable prices to Newman"

Welcome to the RED SANDS Accommodation Park

It is with pleasure that I introduce the all new Red Sands Accommodation Park which has been developed alongside the well known Red Sands Tavern. In its unique way, it offers a very real flexible al-ternative to the imported mass produced donga rooms that the market has grown tired of. Over the years ‘The Sands’ has become the hometown favourite to almost everyone who has ever worked or lived in the region , it has been the place to enjoy a cold beer, have a good meal and socialise around some good entertainment in a happy modern environment.

As the Pilbara mining companies move from their massive construction phase of the past couple of years to their ramping up of production, the supporting workforce needs to be accommodated and catered for differently .They need to be accommodated in a way where it is easier to have workers ‘come and go’ in line with the more frequent work rotations occurring due to the increase of mine maintenance and shut down activity. We here at the Red Sands Accommodation Park are proud to have established Newman’s first mobile home complex where it provides for a much more flexible way for the Corporate customer to secure bookings for their workers at affordable prices without getting ‘slugged’ for accommodation or meals that aren’t required . In these economic times it is imperative that every dollar counts, gone is the day that companies can afford to pay for something that they don’t need. This has been happening far too long here in the Pilbara.

Ensuite Double Room

Here at the Red Sands you can now book your daily rooms requirement either online or through our 24 hour reception office .No longer do you have to commit to ‘long term locked in leases ’ just to secure workers accommodation . You need to be able to know that when your work is done, you are not penalized for finishing earlier .You only pay for what you use! If your looking for single or double accommodation, then look no further. A variety of meal packages are also available. We cater for all your needs. Because of our location we are a great choice to house your staff! 15 minutes to the airport and 1 minute to the highway ensures that your crew get here and then on site in a flash! With our 24hr reception, someone is always ready to attend your needs or answer any questions you may have.

Red SandsNewman

Affordable and comfortable accommodation in the centre of Newman providing a gateway for your Pilbara adventure.

Modern Facilities

Contemporary facilities are available onsite including a laundry room for guests and in room televisions and refrigerators.


Situated close to the popular Red Sands Tavern which features an excellent bistro and BBQ area and also a coffee shop.


The Red Sands Accommodation Park provides an excellent starting point for Pilbara Tourism

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